Bad News for Bolivian Frogs

If you want to be truly bombarded with today’s environmental and public health problems (and occasional successes), I suggest subscribing to the Above the Fold newsletters from Environmental Health News. I receive this… Continue reading

For the Sake of Writing

Dear How to Catch a Goat Followers, Allow me to introduce you to my new site: Julie Marks Writing and my first featured piece, Dealing Shraya’s Dowry. You may recall meeting Shraya in my earlier posts: Nepali… Continue reading

One Year Worth A Lifetime

Clearing New Delhi security with my boarding pass in hand, I let out my first sigh of relief. I was officially on my way home. It’s been nearly a year since Jeremy and… Continue reading

Know Your EBC: 7 Tips for the Independent Trekker

If you’ve traveled in developing countries before, you know that the internet offers little reliable information for travelers. The best you can hope for is a recent forum post from someone who has… Continue reading

Eight Days to Everest

Day One: Lukla Airport, 2860m (9,383ft), to Namche Bazaar, 3440m (11,286ft) It was 7am when a rickety bus dropped us in front of an even more rickety plane. Day one and we were… Continue reading

Kathmandu: A City for Your Senses

The first thing that hit me was the smell. Through the open bus window the thick, pungent air rising from the valley smacked me in the face the moment we crested the hill.… Continue reading

Promises Worth Keeping

Nepal celebrates over 50 public holidays every year. Whether or not this is a blessing or a curse on their society I do not know (it’s probably both), but this week I was… Continue reading

From the Schoolyard to the Sky

School was just starting by the time Poonam, Jeremy, and I were ready to leave at 10 o’clock. We had just met with the principal of Shraya’s new school, Step By Step, and… Continue reading

Nepali Homecoming

Four years ago, I left Nepal for the first time with a promise to return one day. On April 16th, 2013, I was in a state of stunned excitement. Was this real? Had… Continue reading

Celebrating Songkran: An Unforgettable Night in Bangkok

For the past few weeks, people all over Asia have been gearing up for the largest festival of the year: the Buddhist New Year. Different counties call it by different names and celebrate… Continue reading