Forward Thinking


Despite the liberation of leaving work and home for a year, we still have to plan for our new life upon return. This first week we are spending on the west coast visiting grad schools and formulating an opinion on what it would be like to live in the surrounding neighborhoods. As forward thinking as it is, I am excited by the prospect of living in a brand new city in a year from now. The opportunities and possibilities for us as individuals and a couple are endless, and while we cannot predict the future, we are at least able to imagine.

Our opinions so far: Seattle – Love it all (especially Green Lake). Corvallis – Not so much, but a possible last resort. Eugene – Love the campus, love the beer, downtown is lacking. Newport – Worth taking some shots.

It’s been a whirlwind five days since leaving Vermont, but it has definitely been worthwhile. Today is Jeremy’s birthday (he’s 30!!!) and we’re on our way to our last pre-departure stop, San Francisco.


Here’s a quick shot of us on the beach in Newport and Jeremy’s first time at a lighthouse.