Digging & Despedidos

On Sunday, I left Cochabamba to travel solita for three weeks. I was hoping to have published this blog days ago, but alas, now comes the hardships of inconsistent and unreliable internet access. However, before jumping into my solo traveling experiences, I’d like to remember my last weeks in Cochabamba. Two significant events come to mind: saying goodbye to new friends, and a very hot day of shoveling dirt.


Our Volunteer Work Day for the Frog Pond:
It may have felt like we were just shoveling dirt, but in a few weeks the reality will be a beautiful and elaborate frog pond exhibit at the Natural History Museum in Cochabamba. For over a month, Jeremy has been working tireless hours in the hot sun, finding shade only under his sombrero, to bring a live frog exhibit to the school children and visitors of the museum.


On one special Friday, 15 volunteers from Sustainable Bolivia graciously took a day away from their  own projects to get down and dirty for the sake of our frogs. With their help, we were able to complete the digging of the pond and begin construction of the cascading fountain! And it was with many thanks to everyone who donated to support our projects that we were able to purchase all the necessary materials.


It was incredible to witness the teamwork as Bolivians, Americans, the Dutch, and one ginger Irish girl, worked side by side. Needless to say, we had a great time, bringing Jeremy one giant step closer to finishing his frog pond!

Saying Goodbye:
Turns out, digging the frog pond was the easy part. Saying goodbye to all the amazing people I had met in Cochabamba was much harder.

I have to say that I am very grateful to SB for giving me this experience and for bringing together such an incredible group of people from around the world. In no other circumstance would I have crossed paths with people from so many different cultures, with so many different perspectives, and with such inspiring personalities. The people at SB are intelligent, spirited, open-minded individuals, all looking to make a difference the world. These people have built the memories I will never forget. It was hard to say goodbye, but I know that each one of them is moving on to something greater. Hopefully, one day we’ll meet again, and remember how Cochabamba changed our lives.