The Road Less Traveled: Riding Into the Cambodian Countryside

While I was lounging by the pool, immersing myself in Cambodia’s history through reading, Jeremy was uncovering a part of Cambodian history in a different way. With the sun on his back and dusty roads in his face, Jeremy was venturing into the rural town of Anlong Veng, the last stand-hold of the Khmer Rouge and the cremation site of Pol Pot, leader of the brutal Khmer Rouge. Here is a brief photo journal of Jeremy’s 3-day motorcycle trip through northern Cambodia.

Jeremy, riding his horse of steel on the dusty road.

Woman making sugar palm candies.

Top: View of Cambodian countryside from Preah Vihear Temple along the Thai border, currently under control of Cambodia though land rights are heavily disputed and random gun battles are on-going. Traveler beware.
Bottom: Man-made reservoirs built by Cambodian people under the rule of Ta Mok, Khmer Rouge.

Ruins of Wat Preah Vihear.

Girls sitting in tree at Wat Preah Vihear.

Spreading the word of MRG.

Village girls at a breakfast stop.

Temple Koh Ker, ancient capital of the Angkorian Empire and one of Cambodia’s most remote temples. Once covered in over 1,300 landlines, this temple is now free and clear of mines and accessible to the public via a small road.

Ruins of Wat Koh Ker.

Boy walking through ruins of Wat Koh Ker.