A Weekend With Mom in Siem Reap


Last week I had a very special visitor. My mother, after spending three weeks touring Burma, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam with Overseas Adventure Travel, was finally in Cambodia! For Jeremy and I, being away from close friends and family is one of the hardest parts about extended travel. It has been nine months since we left home, so we were more than excited to be in the presence of family again.


While Mom was busy most days seeing the sites with her tour group, we still got to hang out with her every night she was in town. One day, we even got to live like royalty and lounge by the pool with her at the Angkor Paradise Hotel.

It was such a treat for us to take her around to all our favorite spots in Siem Reap, and to be treated to some new experiences we’d been waiting to try. Each day, when the sun was low and the air had cooled (slightly), we’d set off in a tuk-tuk for a night on the town. We took her to our favorite restaurants, Sugar Palm and Little India, and for foot massages at our preferred spot on the street.

On Mom’s last night in Siem Reap, the three of us splurged on a special dinner and a show. At BBQ Suki, we had front row seats to a live performance of traditional dance and music. The Classical Khmer dance, called Apsara, is a slow, steady series of poses. Girls who are trained in traditional Khmer dance have had their fingers banded in a backwards flex, giving their arched hands a dramatic and beautiful curvature. As eight different styles of dance were performed, we enjoyed a delicious dinner of traditional Khmer salads, soups, curries and dessert. Despite the undying heat that always leaves you sweaty and exhausted, the night was gorgeous in every way.






We were sad to say goodbye to Mom, but also felt rejuvenated. It would only be two more months until we return home to see all our friends and family.

Thanks, Mom, for the wonderful weekend!! It was so great to see you and share the experience of Cambodia and Southeast Asia with you. We love you!