Rest In Peace, Sweet Theo

This is Theo. A nine month old kitten who lived at the Trailblazer Foundation. For the past two months, Jeremy and I have come to love this kitten. This morning, we witnessed the end of his short, playful life.
In Cambodia, as with most of the developing world, cats and dogs are not well received by locals. They are often viewed as pests or are only kept around to be the first defense against venomous snakes, tigers, or thieves. There is little to no empathy for these animals as pets or living creatures. But they live here and deserve to be cared for and loved.
Theo, named by Jeremy, was one of the sweetest kittens we’ve ever known. Every day at work, he’d play around our feet, chasing moths in the sand or meow to be held for a cuddle. We loved him and today we watched him die.
After a careless move by a local, Theo’s two hind legs were crushed under the wheel of truck, breaking both femurs. After a stressful, painful morning of holding poor Theo in my arms trying to find a qualified veterinarian, I finally found Angkor Paws Animal Rescue. Even in the hands of professional, our little kitty’s injuries were too severe. He was unlikely to ever walk again. Theo was in agonizing pain, so upon recommendation from the vet, we released him from the suffering and had him put to sleep.

I am so thankful to the trained doctors and veterinarians who have come to this part of the world to offer their skills and educate locals. But I’m most thankful that we were able to find a way to stop Theo’s pain.

Please join me in taking a moment to recognize the thousands of neglected, abused and injured animals living in countries that do not offer them proper medical attention. I will be donating to Angkor Paws Animal Rescue today.
We will deeply miss Theo while we work and even after we are gone from Cambodia. I’m so sorry to him that we couldn’t save him. The distressing memories of today will be with me forever.

RIP our little, sweet Theo. You were loved.