About This Blog

How to Catch a Goat began in 2012 when my former husband and I embarked on an eleven-month volunteer-honeymoon around the world. At its inception, this blog was about traveling, volunteering abroad, and marriage. After returning from traveling in 2013, I moved to Seattle to start grad school and, consequently,  lost touch with my blog and my marriage. Now, in 2016, I have a whole new life to write about.

How to Catch a Goat is still a blog about traveling and volunteering, with the added challenge of integrating a traveler’s wanderlust into the working girl’s everyday life. I am guided by four principles (below) developed to help me notice simple beauties, appreciate moments in the present, and see the world from beyond my own view. The goal: to be constantly seeking and enjoying the greatest wonders in this life.


Guiding Principles

  1. Traveling is a state of mind
  2. Volunteerism is best practiced at home
  3. Love comes and goes
  4. Life is a one-time opportunity


About Me

I am a 29-year-old wannabe writer/professional scientist and do-gooder who lives for scuba-diving in warm oceans, drinking locally brewed dark beer, and having international adventures. I live, work, and write in Seattle, Washington.


Contact Me

I’d love to hear from you! I welcome all comments, feedback, writing suggestions, travel tips, volunteer opportunities and any other stories you have to share.