The purpose of blogging is to connect. Blogging connects me with you, and you with others, and others with me. So in an attempt to connect all the amazing people, projects, and organizations that have inspired me over the years, I give you…….links!

I hope you will take a moment to explore, learn, and find a cause worthy of your support.


A-List Organizations Who Need Your Help: — ground-level volunteer coordinator in Cochabamba, Bolivia — improving lives in Cambodia one water filter at a time — providing resources for researchers and biologists in the Galapagos Islands — for a volunteer holiday or summer building trails in the most spectacular place on Earth — developing schools, libraries and literacy where they’re needed most — educating a new generation in Laos — protecting large marine life in Ecuador & Africa

People Who Amaze Me: — adventure philanthropist and master volunteer-traveler

Inspiring Projects You Should Be A Part Of: — 10×10’s campaign to educate women and rid the world of poverty — a grassroots sponsorship program for underprivileged Nepali children