Phnom Penh: A City of Timeless Remembrance

It was the day after the Buddhist New Year on April 17th 1975, when Pol Pot claimed rule over Cambodia and sent his army of Khmer Rouge soldiers to start a war against… Continue reading

Paradise, A Place for Peace (and Pollution?)

It’s hard to believe we’ve been in Cambodia for a month already – time always slips away too quickly when you’re hard at work and hard at play – but the exit stamps… Continue reading

The Road Less Traveled: Riding Into the Cambodian Countryside

While I was lounging by the pool, immersing myself in Cambodia’s history through reading, Jeremy was uncovering a part of Cambodian history in a different way. With the sun on his back and… Continue reading

Lucky Me

I was selfish this weekend. It was a 3-day holiday weekend and while everyone else was making plans to travel or embark on a new adventure, I was secretly planning to stay behind.… Continue reading

The Party of a Lifetime, Cambodian Style

When Kath and Koon, two brothers who work for the Trailblazer Foundation, invited Jeremy and I to spend the weekend in their village, we accepted without hesitation. Their family was hosting a two-day… Continue reading

Help Change the World and Stop Exploitative Tourism

I had a strange experience yesterday. We were out delivering water filters to families in a rural village when it happened. In the midst of preparing one of the filters, came the sudden… Continue reading

Settling In to Cambodia

It’s been 34 years since the brutal killings and massive demolitions of the Khmer Rouge ended, but Cambodia’s culture remains fragile and fragmented. Governmental corruption is visible – as the border patrol officer… Continue reading

Happy Belly, Happy Mind

Remember how I came to Thailand for the scuba diving? Well, I have to admit that wasn’t the only reason. Asian, in general, is my favorite kind of food. I love the fresh… Continue reading

The Simple Life Test

Becoming a Divemaster is not just about diving all day every day, there is some actual work involved. In fact, there’s a list of all the skill requirements and exercises that you must… Continue reading

The Divemaster Experience

After two weeks on the island of Koh Tao, I am now half-way through my Divemaster internship and loving it! The days have flown by here and I’ve been racking up dives faster… Continue reading