A Speed Date With Bangkok

The instant my plane touched down in Bangkok a sense of relief swept through my entire body. I think the initial feeling actually came from having survived the most turbulent 13-hour flight of… Continue reading

A Fond Farewell To South America and 2012

As the world was saying its goodbyes to 2012, I was saying adios, chao, and hasta luego to South America and the first half of my year-long volunteer-travel honeymoon. The last six months… Continue reading

An Island-Hoppin’ Christmas in the Galapagos

Our cook at Jatun Sacha was named Rosa. And Jeremy, being the excellent chef and kitchen aid that he is, naturally became Rosa’s favorite volunteer. She liked Jeremy so much that one weekend… Continue reading

What’s Happening in the Galapagos: The Good, The Bad and The Mora

It came. It finally came. The day we’d been looking forward to for months. The day I’ve dreamt about since I was a little girl. It was the day we were going to… Continue reading

16 Miles Shy of the Equator

Quito is Ecuador’s capital city and home to over 2 million people, situated in the lush river basin of Guayllabamba surrounded by Andean volcanoes. For the past two and a half days, we… Continue reading

A Beginner’s Tale of Climbing Cotopaxi

To climb or not to climb Cotopaxi, that has been our question. Arriving to the city of Latacunga, gateway to Ecuador’s greatest climbing and high mountain hiking opportunities, we decided to bite the… Continue reading

Beach-Bummin’ La Ruta Del Sol

For those who love salt, sand and humidity, there’s nothing like a beach vacation. And for those who don’t know me, I LOVE beach vacations. There’s just something about the tranquility of low… Continue reading

From Five-Stars to Five-Dollars, It’s All About Affability

Arriving in Guayaquil after the 11-hour journey from Chicago, I was immediately antsy to escape the sky-scraping cityscape of Ecuador’s largest city. My desired destination was the historic, high-mountain town of Cuenca. Though… Continue reading

100 Years Young

Every family has their annual traditions and mine is no different. Every year for as long as I’ve been alive, Thanksgiving has been the time when my family reunites for a day of… Continue reading

The Giver of Life (Or at Least Good Food)

Causa is one of the most famous dishes from Peru. Not only is it delicious, healthy and beautiful, it’s easy to make too! The word Causa comes from the Incan Quechua word meaning… Continue reading