Whoever said “Time Stands Still”?

…has obviously not been to Cochabamba. I feel like I only blinked once before this week was over. Since last night, as Jeremy and I treated ourselves to cheesecake by candlelight at CasaBlanca,… Continue reading

Because Everyone Deserves to Have a Bucket List…

  I must have reached a turning point in my blogging recently because I’m suddenly finding myself following the blogs of people I’ve never met before. I’m not only concerned with keeping my… Continue reading

Summiting Pico Tunari

For weeks we’ve had our eye on Turani, the mountain range that rises to 5030m to our north and looks down on the valley of Cochabamba. Finally, thanks to some fabulous new friends… Continue reading

Let the FUNds begin!

    After three weeks in Cochabamba, we’ve finally settled in to working at the Bolivian Amphibian Initiative (BAI). We’ve been taught by a passionate team of young scientists how to care for… Continue reading

9,000 feet above the sea

  We had only climbed about 50 steps before our breaths became shallow. It was another perfectly warm and sunny morning when Jeremy and I began our ascent up the 1399 steps to… Continue reading

Finding an Affinity

  I am beginning to understand how one is infected with an overwhelming affinity for Cochabamba. Walking through the streets reminds me of being in Nepal. There are stray dogs everywhere, and the… Continue reading

Learning la Cochabamba

Michelle and Alex, from Sustainable Bolivia, greeted us as we escaped exited immigration at the Cochabamba airport. They had smiles from ear to ear, which was instantly comforting after having to persuade immigration… Continue reading

The Nature of Cities

After traveling through four cities in ten days, we have realized (again) that we are not what you call “city-people.” While some may justly dispute the statement that all cities are the same,… Continue reading

Forward Thinking

Despite the liberation of leaving work and home for a year, we still have to plan for our new life upon return. This first week we are spending on the west coast visiting… Continue reading

The Art of Packing

According to Google, there are 386 million sites on how to pack light. That’s three hundred million opinions, tips and strategies on how to fit all your stuff into one bag. In my… Continue reading